Revenue Accountant Job Description, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

The Revenue Accountant's job description covers handling the checks and balances of revenues generated in an organization.

The Revenue Accountant’s job description covers handling the checks and balances of revenues generated in an organization.

A revenue Accountant is responsible for handling the checks and balances of revenues generated in an organization.

Also referred to as a senior Accountant, the description of the Revenue Accountant involves managing the finances of the organization and keeping excellent financial records.

An expert in finance, the Revenue Accountant pays close attention to both payable and receivable accounts in the company to create a balance between both.

The Revenue Accountant works directly with clients and ensures that all payments by clients are dully received on time as agreed, without delay.

In order to balance various accounts properly, the Revenue Accountant inspects all activities of general ledger that are revenue related in all departments in the company.

As a measure to boost company sales and patronage, the Revenue Accountant works closely with the marketing and advertising departments to come up with effective marketing and promotional strategies.

Other duties he/she performs include ensuring that the company is debt free by avoiding situations that may lead the company to incur debts, and also making effort to collect debts owed to the company on time.

The Revenue Accountant goes through daily receipts of the company, records them and passes them unto the appropriate personnel in the company for financial records.

He/she super-sees all accounts payable in the company’s business transactions and ensures that there are no errors in the records.

As the financial brain box of the organization, the Revenue Accountant compiles and inspects company financial statement at the end of every month and ensures that it is accurate and well detailed for comprehension.

Other tasks include analyzing all contracts and investments of the company, checking for loopholes that may result in a financial loss, and suggesting ways to avoid it.

He/she monitors and manages cash flow in the company expenditure and ensures a moderate circulation of cash to avoid over projection.

The Revenue Accountant brainstorms with other members of the accounting team to come up with the best financial plans/analysis and projections for the company.

Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

The job description of the Revenue Accountant includes the following list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which he/she may be required to perform:

  • Constantly update tracking sheets for revenue
  • Balance bank and company accounts
  • Collect financial records and reports of various departments
  • Monitor and manage clients’ accounts
  • Liaise with other financial delegates in the company
  • See to it that all payments are made on time
  • Inspect balance sheet and correct errors where available
  • Carryout business determinations for payments made outside company’s financial system
  • Supervise financial audit and implement recommendations from audit
  • Maintain accounting standards and style of the company
  • Submit records of accounts reconciliations to management as stipulated
  • Motivate other members of staff to work towards the attainment of company financial goals.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

A good Revenue Accountant must possess the following skills, knowledge, and abilities for competency:

  • High knowledge of finance
  • Ability to make decisions
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to keep clean records
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Ability to multitask
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have excellent knowledge of excel and other account balance software.

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Insurance Sales Agent Job Description, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Insurance Sales Agent's job description focuses on helping clients make the best choice regarding insurance plans and packages.

Insurance Sales Agent’s job description focuses on helping clients make the best choice regarding insurance plans and packages. Image source:

An Insurance Sales Agent’s job description encompasses assisting clients in choosing insurance plans and packages that are suitable and beneficial to them.

They are to intimate clients with the various insurance policies which the organization offers and give them reasons why they should choose specific insurance policies.

The Insurance Sales Agent works as the mouth piece of the company who communicates the products and services of the company to members of the public with the aim of promoting the company in good light.

A good marketer, the Insurance Sales Agent works round the clock to increase the clientele of their company by reaching out to potential clients and retaining the existing ones.

He/she always has the interest of the clients at heart and makes adjustments to insurance packages so as to suit their specific needs.

He/she counsels clients about their existing insurance coverage and recommends a change if the need arises.

As an adviser, he/she gives a detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of various insurance policies to clients in order for them to be fully aware of what they are getting into.

The Insurance Sales Agent engages clients in discussions to know their financial strengths and situations in order to be able to recommend appropriate policies for them, and goes and extra mile to verify their claims.

He/she exudes friendliness and confidence to clients in order to win their trust, and enable them cooperate accordingly, to achieve good results.

The Insurance Sales Agent brings on his/her expertise in the inspection of properties, considering various factors to determine if it’s a good insurance risk or not.

He/she works the administrative department to keep track of all insurance activities that have to do with company clientele.

Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

The various duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up the Insurance Sales Agent’s job description are listed as follows:

  • Attend meetings and seminars on insurance matters in order to acquire more knowledge and improve on their expertise
  • Make check and balance for clients and determine payment method
  • Ensure that all parties involved in the insurance coverage chosen by clients are credible and trustworthy
  • Monitor clients’ insurance procedures to ensure that there are no shortcomings
  • Follow up insurance policies to ensure that they are carried out as agreed
  • Fill out forms and other official documents that contain clients’ insurance details and records
  • Settles any issues that may arise between clients and the insurance company
  • Make convincing presentations at events organized to showcase insurance companies and their products and services
  • Advice management on ways to improve on their insurance policies based on the needs and preferences of clients
  • Outline new and exciting marketing strategies to replace old and ineffective ones.

Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

In order to compete favorably in the highly competitive Industry, the following skills are required of the Insurance Sales Agent:

  • Good knowledge of marketing
  • Good communication skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Excellent knowledge of finance
  • Have good human relations
  • Being optimistic
  • Good knowledge of arithmetic
  • Ability to analyze situations
  • Ability to make decisions
  • Good interpersonal skills.

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Handyman Job Description, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

The Handyman's job description entails general maintenance, orderliness and cleanliness in the organization.

The Handyman’s job description entails general maintenance, orderliness and cleanliness in the organization. Image source:

A handyman is a person who is very good with their hands. Their job description covers a variety of duties that involve fixing and repairing of things both indoor and outdoor in their organizations to make them look good.

The handyman’s responsibilities revolve around general maintenance, orderliness and cleanliness in the organization to ensure that facilities and equipment in the organization are in good shape at all times for human utilization.

As one who is up and doing, the Handyman sees to it that objects and facilities in the organization such as furniture, equipment and stationery are cleared out of the way in order not to obstruct movement of staff and visitors.

The handyman works to guarantee the safety of individuals by fixing gadgets and equipment that may cause harm to them when used in bad condition.

With a good knowledge of carpentry, the Handyman makes sure that the furniture in the organization are always in good shape in order to give comfort to individuals who make use of them.

The Handyman oversees the renovation of the office from time to time in order to give it a beautiful look.

It is the duty of the Handyman to ensure that all office appliances are not only properly fixed, but functioning very well at all times.

The Handyman has some knowledge of plumbing and fixes minor plumbing works that may arise in the organization.

In charge of maintenance, the Handyman informs the management about office equipment that need to be replaced and orders for new ones as directed by the management.

Other tasks the Handyman performs include keeping good records of expenses made on the repair and purchase of office equipment, and presenting them upon request by management.

The Handyman carries out inspection on facilities in the organization on a regular basis in order to avoid casualties that may arise from sudden malfunctioning of facilities.

The Handyman may have to train some assistants in the organization by imparting his skill and expertise on them and oversees their progress on the job.

In order to ensure good hygiene, the Handyman diligently sees to it that trash and garbage waste are constantly taken out and recycled.

The Handyman makes him or herself available at all times and responds promptly to emergencies that may arise as related to office equipment and appliances.

Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

The list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities performed by the Handyman in the course of executing their job description include:

  • Fix doors in the organization and change the locks if they are bad
  • Carry out carpentry works by fixing furniture
  • Repair electrical gadgets
  • Repair plumbing appliances
  • Repair mail box and replace when necessary
  • Carry out flooring works
  • Troubleshoot general problems
  • Repair and replace general hardware
  • Remove stains and paint building when necessary
  • Attend to members of staff promptly when called upon.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

The skills, knowledge, and abilities required for a Handyman to perform his/her tasks effectively include:

  • Security consciousness
  • Being highly observant
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Being smart and agile
  • Have good human relations
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good time management
  • Good knowledge of electrical works
  • Good knowledge of carpentry
  • Have a positive attitude to work
  • Ability to prioritize tasks
  • Ability to follow instructions.

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