Technical Accounting Analyst Job Description Sample

Technical Accounting Analyst job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Technical Accounting Analysts are responsible for performing financial analysis and reporting to the finance department. Image source:

Technical Accounting Analyst Job Description Sample

The technical accounting analyst is in charge of offering financial analysis and report to an organization’s finance department.

This is attained by offering accounting services for the group which involves harmonization between the general ledger and sub ledger, purposeful account analysis and imposing team procedures and policies.

The job description and functions of this position entails recognizing, examining and verifying match exceptions that inhibit the vendor payments and procedures.

The technical accounting analyst will be in charge of explaining and executing new accounting procedures and systems.

The individual for this office will assess and give suggestions on the feasibility of accounting information system proposition.

He/she will decide if proposed systems attain user information prerequisites and correspond to accounting procedure.

Technical accounting analysts will be required to establish stipulations and user manuals illustrating financial data flow and output or input prerequisites.

He/she will be responsible for evaluating the financial feasibility and effect of proposed budget items, capital or operating programs, investment options, and offering assistance in managing expense requests.

The role of the technical accounting analyst will also include duties such as organizing high level technical and classified reports and giving forecasts on cash receipts, corporate income, operating capital expenditures and plans; investments, manpower budgets, disbursements and the combined financial position.

He/she will also perform tasks such as evaluating succeeding variances and earmarking opportunities and trends to control or reduce costs.

He/she will assemble financial information for utilization in executing the participation, support and agreement operations.

He/she will also be in charge of revising and developing instructions for the accounting, general and payroll instruction handbook.

This job will involve explaining applications for the company’s operations.

Sample Job Description for the Technical Accounting Analyst Post

The technical accounting analyst will be expected to execute the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which make up the job description of most technical accounting analysts:

  • Harmonization and evaluation of dealer matched and unmatched liability accounts
  • Carry out evaluation and accounting for stockpile and vendor short billing standards
  • Be responsible for surplus inventory returns
  • Perform entry of journals on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • Evaluate, validate and authenticate exceptions that are fashioned by payment agents
  • Review products accounts payable operations
  • Perform specified projects as determined by the unit head and finance service manager
  • Render assistance with forecasting, budgeting and giving direct account to the director of finance
  • Organizing, updating and managing the company’s monthly monetary reports
  • Updating and handling of financial reports by making use of Excel and Access every month
  • Examine and explain financial reports every month and describe variances to plan previous year as well as forecasts.

The above job description sample contains necessary information that can be utilized in preparing a good resume that can secure an interview appointment for the job of technical accounting analyst.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of Technical Accounting Analyst

Essential to the office of a technical accounting analyst are the following abilities, qualifications and knowledge the individual holding the post should possess to be able to succeed on the job:

  • First degree or high school diploma in business, finance, accounting or associated field
  • Prior experience in accounting fundamentals and actively aiming for an accounting designation
  • Fundamental to advanced knowledge of asset management and use of MS Excel
  • Outstanding analytical dexterity with sound organizational aptitude
  • Ability to efficiently give priority to activities and carry out regular functions with little or no supervision.

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Supervisory Accounting Technician Job Description Sample

Supervisory Accounting Technician job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Supervisory Accounting Technicians delegate and schedule duties to accounting staff. Image source:

Supervisory Accounting Technician Job Description Sample

The supervisory accounting technician handles the delegation of activities and scheduling of duties to accounting staff.

Apart from managerial and clerical roles, the job description of a supervisory accounting technician will also include the individual taking active part in fundamental accounting tasks such as maintaining monetary records and logging payments.

He/she will also manage financial audition procedures in addition to maintaining the laws and regulations of accounting.

He/she must be able to converse efficiently with staff and ensure a beneficial working relationship when resolving issues and bringing out solutions.

The functions and responsibilities of this position differ as determined by the professional area of specialization in which the supervisory accounting technician is working.

The conventional duties attached to the position include resolving questions directed at accounts receivable and payable, evaluating the precision of accounting data, processing transfers and keeping track of records.

Accounting technicians performing supervisory roles may also engage in logging of data spreadsheets, preparation of journal entries and communication with outside monetary institutions like lenders and banks.

They may also be responsible for requesting for office appliances and equipment based on the magnitude of the organization.

An individual in charge of supervising accounting technicians organizes daily investment and accounting operations of the organization by producing and maintaining financial information and accounting duties of company records and accounts.

He/she is in charge of operating all accounting records and systems related but not restricted to cash receipts, purchasing, assets, payroll, inventory and expenditures.

Sample Job Description for the Supervisory Accounting Technician Position

Here is a sample of job description for most supervisory accounting technician positions. It consists of key tasks, duties and responsibilities the individual holding such post is usually expected to perform.

  • Handles accounting human resources targets by coaching, assigning, scheduling, selecting, counseling, selecting and disciplining staff as necessary
  • Communicates job prospects, monitoring, planning and evaluating job input while suggesting compensation plans which comply with procedures and policies
  • Attains accounting functional standards by pitching in financial information for tactical plans and evaluates implementation, productivity, customer service and quality standards
  • Attains accounting monetary standards by offering yearly accounting information to the accounting unit
  • Supervises expenses and identifies discrepancies while implementing modifying actions
  • Manages cash flow by supervising cash prerequisites and bank balances while investing surplus funds
  • Updates business insurance by programming values, including real and personal assets, computers and media, equipment, and accounts receivable
  • Provides assistance to audits done yearly by providing necessary information and solutions to auditors
  • Renews knowledge about the job by taking active part in educational opportunities, maintaining personal networks, taking part in professional organizations and reading professional publications
  • Achieves company and accounting mission by attaining related outputs as required.

The duties and functions of an accounting technician in the role of a supervisor listed in the sample job description above can be employed in writing a resume for the post.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of Supervisory Accounting Technician

The following aptitude, knowledge and proficiency will enhance the efficiency of a senior accounting technician in a supervisory position:

  • Bachelor’s degree in financial management, business administration, accounting, plus other accounting certifications
  • Adept understanding of advanced financial bookkeeping methods, principles and procedures and how to apply them to activities and projects which extend to functional and module areas
  • Sufficient familiarity with practices, methods and procedures utilized in payroll accounts receivable, financial record keeping, accounting payable and reporting
  • Practical understanding of modern office methods, practices and computer office equipment
  • Ability to carry out analysis on problem recognition, optional solutions, project outcomes of proposed actions and execute recommendations in enhancement of goals
  • Display of unique understanding of the organization and functioning of assigned departments necessary to assume responsibilities.

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Senior Manager Technical Accounting Job Description Sample

Senior Manager Technical Accounting job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Senior Managers in charge of technical accounting provide high level leadership for effective supervision of their organization’s implementation of monthly accounting close procedures. Image source:

Senior Manager Technical Accounting Job Description Sample

The senior manager technical accounting in an organization will offer remarkable leadership to accrual process and general ledger harmonization for the organization, as well as perform administrative functions for corporate consolidation process.

In this role, the individual has valuable leadership responsibility in the organization, which includes supervising the conscientious implementation of monthly accounting close procedures, which involves guaranteeing that factual results are delivered promptly to the SEC reporting unit.

This is a core position for maintenance of monetary control accounting for an expansive, fast growing company.

The job description of the senior manager in charge of technical accounting involves the individual contributing to the organization’s achievements by handling teams that report and record accounting information, such that monetary and operating reports precisely reflect the situation of the business.

This post requires an ambitious and outstandingly skilled professional who is enthusiastic about technical accounting research on diverse intricate transactions so as to assist the organization’s growth and processes.

This job entails, but not restricted to inventory costing, debt and equity, business combination, revenue recognition, hedging and derivatives.

Senior managers responsible for technical accounting also offer assistance and leadership to accounting groups and work outside of the current group, and heads cross functional projects to enhance processes and the understanding of accounting information.

This position will necessitate a highly investigative thinker with experience in functioning within intricate environments and who delights in daily challenges.

He/she should also be unrelenting, as well as be versatile in maintaining and developing monetary control for existing and new businesses.

Sample Job Description for the Senior Manager Technical Accounting Position

Below is a sample job description for the position of senior manager heading the technical accounting unit of most organizations, which shows a list of major duties, tasks, and responsibilities which senior managers leading the unit are usually expected to carry out:

  • Head the execution of worldwide best practices in the company and within the general ledger team
  • Generate and instruct an existing specialized team in designing top class procedures and processes that will align with the organization and enable international growth
  • Strengthen a customer focused environment through highly cooperative associations with core regional and global stakeholders
  • Organize the accounting operations, supervising the end of the month closure and unifying process to guarantee that the financial outcomes are precisely prepared in line with GAAP and dispensed promptly to the SEC reporting unit
  • Give assistance to the organization’s external reporting prerequisites and acknowledge intricate financial matters as they occur
  • Offer policy leadership on accounting matters and regular application in practice
  • Head the redesigning and execution of modifications to the monthly close procedures as an integral aspect of improvement mentality.

A good and effective resume for the post of senior manager technical accounting can also be produced using information from the job description above.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of Senior Manager Technical Accounting

It is of utmost importance for the individual aspiring for the post of a senior manager in the technical accounting office to possess the following abilities and qualifications:

  • A first degree in business administration, accounting, finance or other affiliated discipline
  • At least ten practical years of leadership and management experience
  • Self confident, strong customer service familiarity with good speaking and writing dexterity, including the capability to convey financial or technical information to a non technical group
  • Exhibit a performance history of successful association with executive heads
  • Capability to reason strategically, perform operationally and possess the ability to handle risk, ambiguity and changing course of strategies and projects
  • Practical experience functioning at public company, comprising business procedures, owner accountability for procedures, policy and financial reporting.

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