Entry Level Accounting Associate Job Description Sample

Entry Level Accounting Associate job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

The Entry Level Accounting Associate works with the team that maintains an organization’s accounting operations. Image source: Vistacollege.edu

Entry Level Accounting Associate Job Description Sample

The entry level accounting associate position is a good opportunity for a student undergoing a degree program, or a recent graduate to start off their accounting career.

The specific duties an accounting associate will perform at the entry level may vary and will depend on the nature of the organization they work for.

However, their job description usually entails being a vital part of the team that maintains the accounting operations for a department within the organization.

In some establishments, this accounting associate is accountable to the Financial Service Manager, and is responsible for providing financial analysis and administration, as well as oversight of the organization’s projects.

Other tasks they may perform also include checking and verifying records, preparing invoices and vouchers, filing, typing, posting ledgers and general journal entries, as well as balancing all records relating to accounts receivable and accounts payable.

This position offers a great opportunity to get a foot-hold in an organization that you are interested in building a career with.

It also provides the young accounting professional an opportunity for training and for getting the necessary hand-on experience from working with a team of experienced professionals.

To make the most of this position, the fresh graduate should keep a positive attitude, be a good team player, and be prepared to provide whatever assistance that may be required of them from all levels of managements in the organization.

Sample Job Description for the Post of Entry Level Accounting Associate

Below is a sample job description showing important activities holders of the entry level accounting associate position may be required to perform working in an academic setting.

  • Plan for projects, and carry out financial data analysis and forecasting
  • Observe financial activities of projects, and generate reports, monthly and periodically, of all expenditures
  • Evaluate transactions to ensure they comply with the terms and conditions of projects
  • Assist the Financial Services Manager with accounting and administrative duties as may be requested
  • Responsible for providing ad hoc financial reporting and assistance with accounting functions
  • Deliver accounting requests, including early and extended requests, produce journals and perform financial transactions
  • Perform labor scheduling and modification
  • Initiate sub-award and adjustments, and ensure subcontractors comply with invoicing
  • Responsible for reviewing and assisting PIs in quarterly payments and yearly payroll certifications
  • Evaluate and pass financial transactions
  • Perform month end and close out assessment of contracts and grants
  • Advice staff on procedures, policies, and systems relating to University projects or sponsored projects, including cost, reimbursements, and procurement policies and procedures.

Making a resume for the entry level accounting associate job:
The listed tasks, duties, and responsibilities in the above job description example can be utilized in writing certain sections of a resume for the position of entry level accounting associate, such as the job experience section.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Entry Level Accounting Associate Position

The following are usually key attributes, including skills and abilities that aspirants for the position of accounting associate at the entry level are normally expected to possess, which aid their effectiveness on the job.

  • Possession of AA/AS degree in fields such as Accounting, Business or Finance; one to three years experience with financial analysis and reporting, in addition to the educational background is also welcome
  • Possession of advanced knowledge of computers and application software, including Excel in creating financial reports
  • Knowledge of various office procedures, and the ability to operate office equipment
  • Strong conceptual and analytical skills, in addition to sound organizational skills
  • Proficient in planning and organizing tasks, managing priorities, and utilizing available resources to completing tasks within the deadline
  • Possession of exceptional interpersonal skills needed to effectively interact with different groups of people, including students, academic staff, and faculty.

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Community Psychiatric Nurse Job Description Sample

Community Psychiatric Nurse job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Community Psychiatric Nurses carry out a range of recovery and supportive activities to people experiencing acute and continual mental illness. Image source: Healthcare.ac.uk

Community Psychiatric Nurse Job Description Sample

The community psychiatric nurse role is for individuals who have acquired a complete psychiatric nursing training, as well as having several years of working experience in a ward or community hospital, and are able to effectively carry out a series of recovery and supportive activities to people experiencing acute and continual mental illness.

This professional is an integral part of a community’s interdisciplinary mental health team and works from the community, visiting patients in their homes, as well as at a community operated mental health facility.

His/her job description usually entails assessing patients’ clinical care needs and developing, implementing, and reviewing the program of care to ensure that quality service is provided to the patient.

Being the ones patients often call on first within the nation’s mental health system, community psychiatric nurses are responsible for referring patients to mental health specialists, including psychiatrists and psychotherapists, who are qualified to handle the patient’s need.

The psychiatric nurse working for a community mental health facility is also responsible for managing a caseload and will be actively involved in the management of complicated cases.

As a highly trained and experienced nursing professional, his/her duties also usually include providing teaching, supervision, and guardians to junior nursing staff, students, and interns.

He/she also plays the role of coordinating the activities of a team, and serves as a role model and a motivation to the staff members.

To be hired to hold this position, most employers would require the nurse to be currently undergoing a post registration and continuing educational program, in addition to having two or more years experience working in a community as a psychiatric nurse.

Sample Job Description for the Position of Community Psychiatric Nurse

Here is a sample job description usually executed by psychiatric nurses working at most community mental health hospitals.

  • Carry out a complete patient assessment and determine their clinical management needs
  • Perform planning, implementation, and evaluation of individual patient’s care plan, with the participation of all involved in the care
  • Manage patient’s care, effectively plan and carry out risk assessment and management
  • Supervise and periodically review service quality provided to patients
  • Provide and ensure interventions enhance patients’ strengths and increase their involvement in valuable activities in the community
  • Employ evidence based Assess psychosocial interventions in assessing and managing mental illness of acute and enduring manner
  • Perform administration of medication following the general practitioners prescriptive authority and ensure that medication recording system is updated regularly
  • Provide evidence based interventions in assessing and managing patients with dementia, and others with cognitive impairment that results in difficult behavior
  • Participate actively in providing memory service initiatives for patient with dementia
  • Take part in implementing the multi disciplinary team’s assessment and care plan for patients
  • Ensure accurate records are set up and maintained for all contacts and activities following appropriate legislation and policy.

Producing a resume for the position:

The key tasks, duties, and responsibilities shown in the job description example for the community psychiatric nurse above can be employed in making a resume for the post.

Resumes are important documents to have when looking for a job and you can write one for yourself.

The employment history section of the resume requires that you state your previous or current work activities as a community psychiatric nurse, which you can prepare by adopting the work activities in the job description sample above.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Community Psychiatric Nurse Post

A psychiatric nurse looking for employment in a community mental health facility would need to develop or have the following skills, knowledge, abilities, and other attributes, which are considered important to excelling on the job:

  • Strong creativity, flexibility, and the ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Strong ability to work on own initiatives and achieve good results
  • Currently undergoing post registration and continuing educational program to keep updated on current industry practices and procedures
  • Having two or more years experience working as psychiatric nurse in an in-patient setting or a community based mental health clinic
  • Strong ability to supervise the activities of a team and cope with a caseload of patients
  • Ability to act as a role model to other staff and motivate them to higher performance.

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Office Manager Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Office Manager job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Office Managers provide managerial and administrative functions to support a company’s operations. Image source: jkentstaffing.com

Office Manager Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

In many establishments, the Office Manager usually reports to the Director of Business Operations and is responsible for providing managerial and administrative functions in support of the company’s operations.

His or job description involves overseeing the day-to-day activities of the office by carrying out duties such as providing adequate support to staff, management of office equipment and supplies to ensure they are always available in good condition for use, and ensuring the smooth flow of work processes.

To work effectively in this role, the individual must be a multitasker, with the ability to work on several requests simultaneously without losing focus.

For the fact that this position usually comes in contact with sensitive and confidential information that may be of critical and strategic nature, the office manager must be one who can be trusted not to disclose such information to unauthorized persons.

The position also usually involves making presentations to senior level management, subordinates, and others, therefore, the manager should be able to create PowerPoint slides for such presentations.

The Office Manager Job Description Sample

Office managers perform various duties, tasks and responsibilities that are basically to achieve similar goals in organizations they work for.

However, due to peculiarity in work settings, the exact functions they perform for different organizations may vary slightly to reflect the major demand of the employer.

Here is a sample job description for the position of office manager, showing important tasks, duties and responsibilities commonly performed in most companies by the individual in charge of office management:

  • Responsible for creating PowerPoint slides and making presentations
  • Manage two executives’ schedules, calendars, and appointments
  • Responsible for managing office services by ensuring office operations and procedures are organized; correspondence are controlled; filing systems are designed; supply requisitions are reviewed and approved; and that clerical functions are properly assigned and monitored
  • Establish a historical reference for the office by outlining procedures for protection, retention, record disposal, retrieval, and staff transfers
  • Ensure office efficiency is maintained by carrying out planning and execution of equipment procurement, layouts, and office systems
  • Responsible for developing and implementing office policies by setting up procedures and standards to guide the operation of the office; and ensuring that results are measured against standards, while making necessary changes along the way
  • Allocate tasks and assignments to subordinates and monitor their performance
  • Perform review and analysis of special projects and keep the management properly informed
  • Determine current trends and provide a review to management to act on
  • Responsible for recruiting staff for the office and providing orientation and training to new employees
  • Ensure top performance of office staff by providing them adequate coaching and guidance, and enforcing appropriate discipline to erring employees; planning, supervising, and assessing employees’ job performance
  • Remain updated of technical and professional knowledge by attending educational workshops, joining professional associations and building networks with fellow professionals; and reviewing of industry publications
  • Responsible for ensuring office financial objectives are met by preparing annual budget for the office, planning the expenditures, analyzing variances, and carrying out necessary corrections that may arise
  • Participate actively in the planning and execution of company events, including outdoor events such as Happy Hours with Customers
  • Responsible for developing standards and promoting activities that enhance operational procedures.

Writing a resume for this position: information from the job description example shown above can be used in preparing the employment history section of an office manager resume.

The employment history section shows the employer the kind of duties and responsibilities you have carried out or are currently performing as an office manager. This answers the question of your competence for the job.

You don’t have to use the exact tasks and responsibilities above if they don’t apply to you, however, you can draw some ideas from them in writing that section.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Position of Office Manager

If you are aspiring to work as office manager, the following are skills, knowledge, and abilities to develop.

These attributes are important because they help you gain employment, as most employers look out for them in applicants vying for the post, as well as to improve your performance on the job.

  • Strong Skills for applying computers, reasoning analytically, managing projects, performing research, and managing records
  • Possession of diploma from High School or GED may be required; however, a Bachelor’s degree in a business related field is usually preferred.
  • Experience of four or more years working in a corporate setting
  • Strong administrative skills, with proficiency working with personal computer applications, such as MS Word processing program, data management, spreadsheet, and desktop publishing applications
  • Ability to keep sensitive information confidential, plan and execute diverse tasks at the same time without supervision
  • Possess brilliant human relationship skills, in addition to being able to communicate orally and in writing.

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