Hotel Maintenance Technician Job Description Sample

Hotel Maintenance Technicians perform preventive and corrective maintenance work on hotel equipment and tools.

Hotel Maintenance Technicians perform preventive and corrective maintenance work on hotel equipment and tools.

Hotel Maintenance Technician Job Description Sample

The hotel maintenance technician is an individual who carries out preventive and corrective maintenance activities on hotel equipment and tools.

His/her job description also involves much of lubrication, cleaning and inspection of equipment, machine or tools. He/she will locate and work on shut off valves for all equipment.

The ideal person for this post organizes maintenance inventory and requests for supplies and parts as required.

Hotel maintenance technicians will be expected to exhibit mastery of a minimum of three of the trade skills like electronic systems and controls, mechanical, kitchen equipment, refrigeration and general building management.

He/she maintains restricted information of proprietary and ensures safety of company assets.

It is his or her duty to acknowledge and welcome guests in line with company standards.

The role of the maintenance technician working in a hotel also involves anticipating and acknowledging of needs and rendering assistance to persons with disabilities.

He/she identifies guests with regard and adheres to quality standards and expectations.

He/she ensures and maintains an encouraging working relationship with guests and other staff members.

Hotel maintenance technicians are responsible for managing the maintenance, replacement or repairs of hotel equipment in particular mechanical equipment like motors and pumps.

They will be in charge of building maintenance activities involving maintenance of ice machines, fitness rooms, hot tubs, saunas, swimming pools, emergency generators, switch rooms, water softeners, exhaust type units, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots and ensures that each activity is reported to the appropriate manager in authority.

The maintenance technician will also be required to perform annual, quarterly and monthly preventative maintenance activities.

Sample Job Description of a Hotel Maintenance Technician

The job description sample below consists of key duties, tasks, and responsibilities majority of hotel maintenance technicians are usually expected to execute on the job.

These activities can also be employed in creating a good resume that can be used in looking for a vacant maintenance technician job in hotels.

  • Gives responses to all visitors in an effective and prompt manner
  • Gives responses to duties involving the groundskeeper
  • Keep all mechanical areas in a neat and orderly condition
  • Carry out inspection on public areas on a daily basis in case of arising problems
  • Offers maintenance and repairs to public areas, guestrooms and administrators office buildings
  • Carries out consistent preventive maintenance programs on rooms and regularly updates records on files
  • Guarantees that projects are all accomplished promptly and in line with appropriate specifications
  • Works together with the front office manager, housekeeper and connects with the manager to discuss any aspect of operations which will involve the maintenance department
  • Carries out assessment of requirements for completion of reports, work or work orders to the management as stated by standard procedures
  • Engages in flexible work schedules to be able to perform well during emergencies
  • Assists in remodeling and construction of new projects as may be required.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of a Hotel Maintenance Technician

In the process of engaging in his/her duties, the outstanding candidate for the post of a hotel maintenance technician will display the following fundamental values and skills:

  • A General Education Degree or vocational training certificate in mechanical, plumbing, architectural or electronics fields with two to five years practical and theoretical experience in maintenance
  • Exhibit advanced dexterity in understanding of all computer and engineering programs affiliate with energy management, preventative maintenance and devices that are connected with such programs
  • Pleasant demeanor with ability to smile
  • Ability to handle internal and external clients with high degree of tolerance, diplomacy and tact
  • Ability to kneel, bend, carry, walk, stoop, climb, and lift items, in addition to possessing manual skills
  • Commendable ability to manage stressful working situations.

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Facilities Maintenance Technician Job Description Sample

Facilities Maintenance Technician job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Facilities Maintenance Technicians perform several technical duties including installation of heating, air-conditioning and distribution systems. Image source:

Job Description Sample for the Facilities Maintenance Technician Position

The facilities maintenance technician carries out skilled technical duties involving repair, maintenance, replacement, installation of heating, air-conditioning and distribution systems.

His/her job description includes fixing, repairing and performing troubleshooting on all boilers, heat pumps, air-conditioning, chillers and refrigeration units.

He/she carries out minimal maintenance activities to an appreciably complicated level in the area of electrical and mechanical system safety.

The individual for this position under the direction and leadership of the facilities maintenance organization will work towards attaining maintenance goals and company objectives.

The role of facilities maintenance technicians also entails scheduling, planning and carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance job duties on electrical or mechanical system and appliances under the recommendations of the facilities organization.

His/her job will entail troubleshooting and overseeing abnormalities to aid smooth operations in a timely manner.

A prospective candidate for this post will take part in root cause evaluation of electrical mechanical equipments and then perform corrective action for progressive improvements.

This will involve modification and installation work on existing and new mechanical units.

The maintenance technician for a facility will also contract service providers, supervise, coordinate and sponsor contractors to carry out work activities in relation to service terms of agreement and procedures.

It may be obligatory for an individual vying for this position to carry out diverse conventional tasks as well as highly skilled mechanical activities such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC and welding.

He/she will also need to basically engage in trade work in specific areas or in specialized skills involving multiple trades.

Multiple tasks in this sense may include repair, maintenance, alteration, installation, fabrication, construction and creation of facility units which require utilization of skills in problem solving, teamwork, communication, giving attention to detail and abiding by safety guidelines.

Sample Job Description of a Facilities Maintenance Technician

In order to carry out the job of a facilities maintenance technician profitably, the prospective applicant must be willing and able to carry out each of the following paramount duties, tasks, and responsibilities satisfactorily contained in their job description as shown in the sample below.

  • Carries out scheduled maintenance examinations and fixes, cleans and align diverse systems to guarantee appropriate system operations
  • Arranges repairs on electronic and wiring components affiliated with programmed building management operations
  • Changes faulty motors, compressors, coil units, expansion valves and other constituent parts
  • Engages in cleaning components from hermetic burnouts, clears out and charges systems
  • Performs troubleshooting and repairs pneumatic control and direct digital systems
  • Inspects distribution components for suitable volume, pressure, temperature and velocity
  • Ensures a balance of water and air treatment systems
  • Identifies source of condensation problems and correct them
  • Manages reports and records as well as explain the actions and procedures carried out with the suggested solutions.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of a Facilities Maintenance Technician

The requirements highlighted here are some of the knowledge, skills and qualifications required to be a successful maintenance technician for a facility.

  • A degree in general education or at least a high school diploma with 4-5 years progressive experience performing tasks with intricate HVAC systems and utilizing equipment like package units, pneumatic and automated control systems, chillers, boilers and VAV systems
  • Mastery of interpretation of documents involving maintenance instructions, sketches, plans blueprints, procedure manual and safety rules
  • Excellent speaking dexterity in the presence of employees or group of clients
  • Efficient expertise in writing messages and reports
  • Outstanding application of common sense intelligence to perform instructions
  • Outstanding skills in resolving issues related to diverse general variables in regulated conditions.

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Aircraft Maintenance Technician Job Description Sample

Aircraft Maintenance Technician job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Aircraft Maintenance Technicians perform scheduled maintenance activities on different flight machines.

Job Description Sample for the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Position

Aircraft maintenance technicians are mostly referred to as aircraft mechanics by reason of their performance of scheduled maintenance activities on airliners, helicopters, propellers and other flight machines. Conventionally, they operate hangers, airfields and fix stations.

Aircraft maintenance technicians’ job descriptions entail taking charge of and fixing aircraft mechanical parts and frames while specialists known as Avionics technicians manage the electronic aspects.

The aircraft mechanic replaces defective components using hand tools and utilizes appliances to measure test and wear controls.

He/she will be required to examine his/her work regularly to ensure established standards are met.

The job of a maintenance technician for an aircraft may be quite intense since they have restricted time to finish all their tasks prior to the aircraft’s scheduled departure.

He/she may devote him/herself exclusively to maintenance of jets, helicopters or concentrate on systems like hydraulics or engines.

The maintenance technician carries out troubleshooting and repairs services, engages in schedule and unscheduled inspection of components as well as maintains all affiliated systems on jet air craft and turboprop.

This position organizes diagnosis of breakdowns, carries out maintenance, disassembly, replacement, rework, repairs and rectification of diverse aircraft systems with their components according to engineering instructions, technical specifications and Federal Aviation Authority regulations.

The technician ensures exceptional performance of aircraft of diverse types and sizes.

They carry out other roles, including scheduling maintenance, making paramount repairs and completing examinations, all in line with FAA standards and regulations.

Most technicians focus on preventative maintenance and as such examine numerous devices on aircraft such as landing gear, pressurized components, pumps, brakes, valves, flight instruments and any other components of the plane that necessitates maintenance.

They are also obligated to write reports and maintain records on every of their preventive maintenance work.

They usually have the ability to tolerate cold and hot temperatures when handling outdoor tasks and are often clothed in protective gear and apparel to work safely with loud noises, dangerous chemicals and gigantic power tools.

Sample Job Description for the Position of an Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Below is a sample job description for the post of an aircraft maintenance technician, consisting of key duties, tasks, and responsibilities the individual is usually required to perform.

It can also be used in preparing a resume for seeking employment as an aircraft maintenance technician in the aviation industry.

  • Understands and interprets service bulletins, maintenance manuals and other specifications to ascertain the feasibility and techniques of replacing or repairing faulty or damaged components
  • Examines finished work to guarantee that maintenance work attains standards and that aircrafts are prepared for operations
  • Takes care of repair logs and documents all preventive and corrective aircraft maintenance activities
  • Organizes conventional and special examinations as necessitated by standard regulations
  • Looks out for invisible cracks in fuselage, hydraulic units, oxygen systems, rigging, gaskets, electrical systems, seals and distortions.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of an Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Most employers in the aviation industry prefer maintenance technicians for aircraft who have completed a course of study at maintenance technician schools certified by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In addition to this, it will be required for the ideal candidate to possess the following:

  • Minimum of a High School Diploma or a commensurate degree
  • An up to date Airframe and Powerplant certificate issued by FFA with at least 6-7 years practical experience in maintenance of jet aircraft and turboprop
  • Mastery of Ms Office programs
  • Possession and maintenance of a federal airport security emblem and obtain a validated state issued driver’s license
  • Exceptional communication dexterity and display of mastery in functioning within a team-oriented setting.

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