Sample Fixed Assets Accounting Associate Job Description, Including Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Fixed Assets Accounting Associate job description, including tasks, duties, and responsibilities

Fixed Assets Accounting Associates perform a number of different work activities relating to an organization’s end-to-end Accounting Record to Report (RTR) procedure. Image source:

Sample Fixed Assets Accounting Associate Job Description

The job description of a Fixed Assets Accounting Associate entails a number of different work activities contained in an organization’s end-to-end Accounting Record to Report (RTR) procedure.

In some organizations, the fixed assets accounting associate reports to the Record to Report Accounting Manager and is responsible for preparing their organization’s monthly reconciliation and analysis reports, as well as its Asset Management reconciliation.

The role also includes performing accurate recording of all fixed assets, such as the transfer, disposition, depreciation and amortization concerning such assets following the policy of the company.

He/she is responsible for coordinating fixed asset balances in the general and sub-ledger for the purpose of tax processes and for proper documentation.

He/she will work together with other associates from the finance and operations office to ensure capital expenditures are properly classified, and also to ensure tracking by project.

Other duties this professional may perform include carrying out accurate and regular use of the organization’s policy on fixed asset, including entering the fixed asset into sub-ledger firstly, assigning depreciable life, and monitoring fixed assets continuously.

The associate responsible for fixed assets accounting will carry out various fixed asset reporting to several departments in the company, as well as to parent companies.

Sample Job Description for the Fixed Assets Accounting Associate Position

Working as a fixed assets accounting associate in most establishments would entail performing the sample job description below.

Here is a list of important tasks, duties, and responsibilities associates responsible for fixed assets accounting usually perform.

  • Take record in the accounting system of all fixed asset acquisitions and dispositions made by the organization
  • Recommend any update to accounting policies involving fixed assets to management
  • Identify and place ongoing project costs in fixed asset accounts, then close out the accounts at the completion of the projects
  • Perform reconciliation of summary-level account in the general ledger with the balance in the fixed asset subsidiary ledger
  • Compute the depreciation or amortization for all fixed assets
  • Evaluate and renew the complete schedule of all fixed assets and the accumulated depreciation
  • Ensure the preparation of Fixed Asset roll forward files every quarter
  • Carry out analysis on fixed assets following request from the management
  • Arrange for audit schedules for fixed assets and provide assistance to auditors to do their work
  • Actively participate in accounting close processes, monthly, quarterly, and yearly, by performing activities, including account reconciliations, journal entry preparation, management reports, as well as other financial analysis and reports that may be required by the management
  • Participate in the making and distribution of accounting management reports, as well as statistical analysis each month
  • Ensure accounting information is provided timely and accurately to internal customers without notice.

Writing a resume for the post:

A resume to be used in seeking the job of fixed assets accounting associate can be produced with the information in the job description example above. The work history section of such resume can be prepared with the functions and responsibilities listed above.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Fixed Assets Accounting Associate Position

To succeed on the job, accounting associates working on fixed assets are usually required to possess the following attributes and backgrounds, including skills, knowledge, and abilities that will enable them to discharge their duties effectively:

  • Having a Bachelor’s degree in any field related to Accounting from a recognized school
  • Strong Knowledge of Fixed asset accounting and experience of 3 or more years for multi-state, multi-country, or multi-company operations
  • Experience working with R12 preferred, but a strong plus with Oracle
  • Ability to work together with four or more external auditors at the same time
  • Ability to function at a detailed level and relate effectively with all facets of the organization
  • Ability to work either as an individual or in a team environment effectively
  • Profound Excel skills, including proficiency working with pivot tables, as well as with V look up
  • Strong logical reasoning and ability to perform multiple tasks and deliver work assignments accurately and on time
  • Ability to initiate ideas to streamline and improve accounting process in addition to strong communication (both in writing and speaking) and organizational skills.

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Accounting Consultant Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

Accounting Consultant job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Accounting Consultants handle their organization’s accounting processes. Image source:

Accounting Consultant Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

The accounting consultant is responsible for programming, implementing, and handling of his/her organization’s accounting processes.

This is an office that will necessitate a solid accounting backdrop and capability to head client management through handling of changes, decision making and performance.

The accounting consultant’s job description also entails the offering of on-going assistance to customers, including resolution of matters, and assists with financial reporting, best practices and execution of fresh functionality.

He/she will give report to the Payroll Manager and will function closely with the retail stores, as well as other units within the organization to guarantee prompt and precise delivery of payroll each day.

A paramount role of the individual in this office is to offer advisory consulting assistance that will guarantee efficient management of changes and help the customer in actualizing the optimum potential and returns on the investment.

The individual in this position will be in charge of all levels of payroll processing, ensuring the confidentiality and uprightness of payroll affiliated data.

The outstanding applicant for the position will be required to possess practical experience in one or more of the areas like property management, financial reporting, project planning software execution, multifamily industry accounting, data conversion, as well as relating with all financial aspects of a company.

The candidate for this office should possess up to five years experience in utilizing a multifamily property administration and accounting systems such as JD Edwards, Intact or Timberline.

This position will necessitate the individual having time for considerable traveling, possessing expertise, the capability to comprehend quickly and display sufficient dexterity in reasoning effectively.

Sample Job Description, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities for the Position of Accounting Consultant

Below is a sample of an accounting consultant’s job description, showing a list of important tasks, duties, and responsibilities commonly expected to be performed by the individual working in that capacity.

  • Heading the business process workshop to outline client procedures and processes
  • Ensuring configuration of the general ledger, accounts payable, cash management, and accounts receivable
  • Support with modification of data and processing, creating and designing of financial reports and documenting packages
  • Offer ongoing assistance to customers, including resolution of matters and assist with financial reporting
  • Function closely with sales unit to enhance extensive execution and consulting proposals to assist with closing bargains
  • Enlighten customers on Realpage execution, training and methodology
  • Work out engagements and handle statements of work
  • Accomplish monthly and yearly billable and utilization targets regularly
  • Take active part in cross-unit and cross product execution teams
  • Carries out and forwards all necessary metrics and project reporting promptly, comprising list of issues, project updates and status.

Preparing a resume for the post: a resume for an accounting consultant job that is vacant can be written by using information from the job description example above, especially in preparing the professional experience segment of the resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the position of Accounting Consultant

It will be necessary for the accounting consultant to possess the following skills, education and aptitude in order to be certified relevant for the office:

  • Minimum of high school diploma needed with at least 2-4 years of experience and possession of Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) or Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) certificate
  • Prior experience with the use of Ultimate Software (UltiPro) or other Internet based payroll system
  • Outstandingly proficient in customer service and skills in Excel, with a strong attention aptitude
  • Remarkable organizational dexterity and willingness to work extra time as may be required
  • Ability to carry self professionally in all office functions.

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Accounting Clerk Supervisor Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

Accounting Clerk Supervisor job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Accounting Clerk Supervisors coordinate the functions of accounting clerks. Image source:

Accounting Clerk Supervisor Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

The accounting clerk supervisor is responsible for supervising the functions of accounting clerks, including basic general ledger, receivables, accounts payable and bookkeeping, for the organization.

His/her job description entails making sure that the clerks carry out their duties properly and that all accounting jobs are completed at the appropriate target.

The supervisor also works on coordinating and ensuring a balance in accounting records, and also being a team leader during inside or outside accounting audits.

In line with their roles, accounting clerk supervisors also have to validate transactions and invoices that occur, input the necessary data, document checks, and prepare backup reports, as well as handle the general ledger and update vendor files every month.

The supervisor in charge of accounting clerks take part in general meetings and help with enhancement of department procedures and policies that need to be accomplished.

Hence he/she carries out recommendations on systems and process enhancement.

Additionally, the accounting clerk supervisor has the freedom to guide, hire and train accounting clerks through their duties.

The supervisor’s influence allows them to designate tasks and specialized projects, reward and admonish staff, and carry out staff evaluation.

Being an accounting clerk supervisor may seem an easy task; however only the well prepared can work up to conventional expectations.

To be able to handle the job’s responsibility requires a combination of accountancy skills and supervising ability.

Accounting clerk supervisors therefore need a working understanding of accounting methods, programming and database applications, as well as outstanding social skills.

The secret of being an outstanding supervisor is to be composed and not be susceptible.

Sample Job Description, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities for the Position of Accounting Clerk Supervisor

Listed in the job description sample below are tasks, duties, and responsibilities which are usually performed by accounting clerks working in the position of supervisors in most organizations.

  • Manages the activities of accounting clerks
  • Originates innovative methods to improve level of performance of all accounting clerks
  • Engages in training and assisting accounting clerks in working out diverse financial activities
  • Handles and works on diverse accounting statements and records
  • Supports and renders assistance to accounts payable and accounts receivable clerks
  • Helps in working on yearly budget and renders assistance to accounting clerks in coping with banking operations
  • Guarantees appropriate reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Ensures security of financial transactions by approving and supervising financial processing, supervising staff, report and auditing
  • Ensures accomplishment of accounting human resources targets, orienting, scheduling, counseling, selecting, training, coaching, planning, recommending compensation actions, as well as complying with procedures and policies
  • Adheres to transactional standards by supporting financial information to strategic reviews and plans, implementing production, resolving issues, working on system enhancement and productivity.

Accounting Clerk Supervisor: Making a resume for use in seeking the job of supervising accounting clerks can be achieved by sourcing information from the job description example above.

The job history section of the resume can be written with such information.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the Position of Accounting Clerk Supervisor

Most employers looking for supervisors of accounting clerks to employ would generally require applicants for the job to possess the following skills, knowledge and dexterity to be able to cope with the demands of the office:

  • Must have successfully completed minimum of a four year degree program in accounting or affiliated courses, with extended knowledge of clerical functions
  • Ability to multitask and program values, including accounts receivable, media, real and personal property
  • Ability to update job knowledge and contribute to educational opportunities and organizations
  • Fundamental mathematics skills with basic knowledge of computer operations and principles
  • Working knowledge and use of calculators, adding machines, bank accounts and databases
  • Practical experience in employing computer systems to work on databases, order supplies and pay bills.

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