Clinical Administrative Coordinator Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

Clinical Administrative Coordinator job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Clinical Administrative Coordinators ensure smooth operation of healthcare units. Image source:

Clinical Administrative Coordinator Job Description Sample

The clinical administrative coordinator is responsible for ensuring smooth operation of healthcare units or departments.

He/she is an important officer in a healthcare organization with the role to ensure a well organized medical office.

His/her job description includes carrying out updates on medical records, responding to phone calls, organizing office supplies, and scheduling of appointments.

This position ensures the handling of day-to-day office functions and gives reports to the director of clinical services.

Regardless of the fact that a lot of the duties of this position are often behind the scene, the functions of a clinical administrative coordinator may also involve contact with patients as they are responsible for validating patient insurance, and also forwarding insurance claims.

Conventionally, clinical administrative coordinators learn on the job, therefore, applicants vying for the position are only required to have a high school diploma as the basic educational qualification.

Even though most employers do not require applicants to possess a degree to work in the position, however, the ideal candidate for the post should be well acquainted with medical coding and terminologies.

Clinical administrative coordinators work in diverse healthcare related facilities such as private and government hospitals, and long term healthcare facilities and clinics.

Other tasks these professionals perform include evaluating patients’ documentation to ensure proper recording of new admissions to home health, or to resolve issues relating to adjustments in charges for patients who have been discharged.

Sample Job Description for the Position of Clinical Administrative Coordinator

Here is a sample job description, highlighting key duties, tasks, and responsibilities which most clinical administrative coordinators usually carry out in many healthcare facilities where they work.

  • Collects documentation for re-certification and admission, and ensures medical records are regularly updated
  • Collaborates with the company health Director in scheduling visits, calling patients, and meeting with auxiliary organizations
  • Obtains and manages all company health referrals
  • Coordinates all communications with external health providers and partners
  • Gives information to partners and external health providers of a patient’s situation, code status and services required
  • Collaborates with Business office Coordinator and Director of Clinical Services to fashion out ways of using medical stock
  • Offers clinical administrative assistance in a healthcare facility’s research unit
  • Inputs clinical data into the database, and works on data queries
  • Organizes and handles clinical reports, administrative binders for clinical studies, and other records pertaining to clinical studies
  • Handles documentation related to clinical expense, including budgets and purchase orders
  • Ensures adequate supplies of materials; takes minutes of meetings and other records; and also helps with presentations
  • Utilizes scheduling and reminders in corresponding with clinical sites.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of Clinical Administrative Coordinator

The following skills and other attributes are essential for an applicant vying for the post of a clinical administrative coordinator to possess:

  • A GED or High school Diploma is a minimal educational requirement
  • One year experience or more resolving and analyzing issues pertaining to customers
  • Six months experience or more in an office environment using telephones and computers to carry out diverse administrative duties
  • Prior experience functioning in a clinic or hospital setup, or a health care provider office
  • Highly efficient managing time, as well as prioritizing assigned tasks
  • Strong ability to perform several tasks together and complete given assignments before deadlines are reached
  • Highly Proficient in the use of MS Office, including PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, and Excel, as well as possessing the ability to work with little supervision
  • Ability to motivate self, and to work efficiently both in a team setting and as an individual
  • Excellent at communicating in a business setting, as well as being detailed oriented.

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Administrative Nurse Manager Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Administrative Nurse Manager job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Administrative Nurse Managers are responsible for overseeing the activities of nursing staff hospitals and clinics. Image source:

Administrative Nurse Manager Job Description Sample

An administrative nurse manager is a professional who is responsible for overseeing the entire nursing personnel and their functions in clinics and hospitals.

The role combines leadership and administrative duties with practical knowledge of healthcare nursing.

The job description of administrative nurse managers also involves recruiting new personnel, providing training, and reassessing existing staff.

It also includes developing clinical procedures and policies that aid the smooth operation of clinics and hospitals.

The manager is in charge of offering quality care to patients in their departments and for ensuring improvements in existing ones.

He/she ensures budgets are complied with budgets, and also supervises maintenance of facilities.

Administrative nurse mangers commence their careers as licensed nurses before they acquire sufficient experience in administration to move further to leadership positions.

Choosing a career as an administrative nurse manger usually comes after obtaining a nursing degree or training, which also requires foundational skills and a first degree in health, business care management, or in a related field, in addition to two years experience in administrative work.

In order to have a competitive advantage in the industry, some nurses attend college to obtain a Master’s of Science degree in Healthcare Administration or Management.

The individual aspiring to this position is expected to be well acquainted with administrative, business and managerial aspects of the healthcare sector.

He/she should be detail-oriented, accountable, and well organized to be able to efficiently maintain expensive equipment under his/her use, and to abide with stringent health regulations and codes.

He/she must be able to maintain calmness working under pressure, and should possess great skill in communicating with nurses, patients, and other stakeholders without being misunderstood.

The office of the administrative nurse manager plays both administrative and managerial roles within the medical environment.

The individuals holding this position is typically in charge of monitoring the nursing personnel.

The administrative nurse manger role is essentially a management position, which entails limited communication with patients, unlike the nurses, who are obligated to give reports to them.

Sample Job Description for the Administrative Nurse Manager Position

The following sample job description shows a list of important duties, tasks, and responsibilities administrative nurse managers usually perform in many healthcare establishments.

  • Offers assistance to management team in developing action plans, priorities and objectives
  • Designs quality improvement processes, as well as clinic operational procedures
  • Renders assistance in developing and maintaining goals, priorities, and action plans, and in scheduling of procedures for hiring of nurses
  • Renders assistance in preparing objectives, establishing principles of nursing practice and care
  • Selects, monitors, and assesses clinical nurses, and supervisors, and sets up standards for accomplishing quality healthcare delivery; and maintains work assessment system for clinical staff
  • Renders assistance in confirming employees educational qualifications, and also sets up in-service developmental projects
  • Works with notable technical and professional schools for assistance in improving clinical educational programs for nurses
  • Organizes problem solving and effective communication systems for departments, and serves as a connection between the ancillary department and the medical staff
  • Acts as resource person, interpreting, supporting, and executing procedures and policies.

Administrative Nurse Manager Resume

To write a resume for the post of an administrative nurse manager, you would need information about the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Such information can be derived from the job description example above, which shows the kind of work the administrative nurse manager does.

You can use this information in creating the work experience section and the objective section of the resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of Administrative Nurse Manager

The following are qualities, including skills, knowledge and abilities which most employers usually require individuals aspiring to the position of administrative nurse manager to possess.

  • Sufficient understanding of medical and healthcare practices, including coding and terminologies
  • Ability to give attention to details, in addition to possessing strong interpersonal and human relations skills
  • A first degree and a master’s degree in healthcare discipline, business administration, or management
  • At least three years experience in clinical management and nursing.

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Administrative Assistant to Executives Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

Administrative Assistant to Executives job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Administrative Assistants to Executives carry out high volume confidential projects to ensure operations in their organizations function smoothly. Image source:

Administrative Assistant to Executives Job Description Sample

The administrative assistant to executives in an organization is responsible for performing high volume confidential projects with much confidence and sense of urgency.

The job description of this individual entails making sure all operations within the organization function easily by encouraging senior executives to be creative and to develop operational procedures and processes as needed.

The role of administrative assistants also includes offering direct assistance in accomplishing company-wide activities, such as yearly meetings, orientation for new staff, the hiring of new employees, reviewing of contracts, and other executive operations.

The assistant’s goal is to ensure company executives are productive in their work by providing them with diverse administrative services, while maintaining top confidentiality.

The administrative assistant possesses good knowledge of the schedules of each executive, as well as the organization’s policies, procedures and practices, which he/she uses to provide excellent service to the management team.

The assistant’s goal is to ensure company executives are productive in their work by providing them with diverse administrative services, while maintaining top confidentiality.

He/she must therefore be proactive and be able to take the right action in resolving routine and non-routine problems.

The assistant also provides daily support for the company’s hiring efforts by maintaining consistent follow-up with recruiting managers and prospective applicants during the recruitment process.

He/she will also assist executives in carrying out orientation and other programs for newly recruited staff.

Sample Job Description for the Administrative Assistant to Executives Position

The administrative assistant working with a company’s executives perform various tasks, duties, and responsibilities with the goal of making the executives more productive in their assignments.

The roles administrative assistants play in different organizations may differ; however, certain functions are common to them all irrespective of where they work.

Below is a sample job description that captures the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of administrative assistants who work with top executives of companies in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Handle the queries that get to the desks of the executives; find solutions to the issues raised and prevent escalations
  • Connect with members of staff, client executives, and vendors, as well as with personal partners
  • Handle all schedules for the executive; keep the management aware of commitments; and classify all appointments
  • Discuss the administrative agenda and the list of activities with the executive
  • Work on diverse reports, presentations, and correspondences for the executive
  • Handle individual inquires relating to the executive’s family.

Resume for the Administrative Assistant to Executives Position

To write a resume for this position, the job description example above contains the necessary information that can be used.

The professional experience section of the resume can be prepared with the list of duties and responsibilities of an administrative assistant shown above.

However, you will need to adjust the functions of the position to meet your actual experience.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the Position of Administrative Assistant to Executives

Individuals aspiring to this position are usually required to possess the following skills, knowledge, and abilities to be able to function effectively:

  • Unique writing, listening, and communication skills, with the ability to give great presentations and to develop relationships
  • Advanced knowledge of PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Outlook packages
  • Ability to prioritize job and complete multiple tasks speedily in a dynamic work environment
  • Must be ready to acquire more knowledge and accept new technologies
  • Must be at ease in the presence of senior executives and be able to follow instructions
  • Must be flexible and be able to effect a change of plan without prior notice
  • Outstanding commitment to resolving client issues and to developing a deep understanding of their business culture, especially for international customers
  • Highly intelligent, resourceful, and self confident with the ability to make right decisions under pressure
  • Must be acquainted with projects from conception to completion, and must also be focused on the job to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Ability to keep classified information out of reach of unauthorized persons.

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