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Senior Payroll Tax Specialist Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

Senior Payroll Tax Specialist job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Senior Payroll Tax Specialists sort out organizations’ tax compliance issues, as well as income taxes, tax planning and tax returns processing concerns. Image source:

Senior Payroll Tax Specialist Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

The senior payroll tax specialist will work on an organization’s tax compliance, income taxes, tax planning and processing of tax returns.

He/she will have to supervise and study about originating tax planning, tax laws, as well as savings that reduce tax bills.

His/her job description entails assembling all necessary government documents with regards to taxes and providing explanations to pressing tax issues.

He/she will be a point of connection for working with human resource control.

He/she functions in activities mandatory for the precise estimation of taxes, handling of records and distribution of withheld monies and payroll tax reports.

The role will also involve working as a resource offering leadership to payroll tax experts.

Senior payroll tax specialists give authorization to and evaluate or input payroll operations and associated data.

This will necessitate them to complete necessary forms and adjust salary and wage account funds, so as to rectify and ensure balances in specialized situations.

Their duties also include carrying out research and evaluating or settling complicated technical issues or queries forwarded by colleagues, department personnel and external company representatives.

The specialist of payroll tax working in a senior position in an organization will also be responsible for working on and documenting various local, state, and federal records, consisting of, but not restricted to NRA tax records, as well as to the closing reports made monthly, quarterly and annually.

He/She gives responses to external agency inquiries for optimum production.

He/she will then suggest or participate in creating new and improved policies and procedures associated with payroll transactions.

Sample Job Description, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities for the Senior Payroll Tax Specialist Post

The following job description sample shows essential duties, tasks, and responsibilities which are usually assigned to payroll tax specialists in senior position to perform:

  • Works as a specialist on payroll subject matter and as a resource to other personnel in the aspect of processing payroll
  • Evaluates, validates and analyze payroll documents and reports for veracity, and performs the appropriate modifications or adjustments through entry of records or other approved procedures
  • Works on and analyze intricate issues which require comprehensive knowledge of payroll procedures and policies
  • Gives the green light to exclusions to policies within outlined limits
  • Performs research, explains various intricate specialized information in reaction to requests
  • Offers advice and suggestions; giving guidance to staff and management on procedures and rules operating in the organization
  • Evaluates yearly tax questionnaires from customers; connects with clients, trust administrators, tax authorities and advocates, to handle the suitable information for customers.

Creating a resume for job hunting:

As an essential tool for job hunting, it is important to have a well written resume ready when seeking a new job as a senior payroll tax specialist.

To prepare one, you can find useful information in the job description example above, which can help you in creating the work experience section of the resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the position of Senior Payroll Tax Specialist

In order to be well adjusted and be successful working in the position of the senior payroll tax specialist, the candidate aspiring to this position must possess the following skills, knowledge, and other aptitude and educational background.

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, management and accounting is necessary
  • The capability to function well under pressure and bring out the desired results
  • Practical experience of GAAP is mostly desirable
  • Good knowledge of the use of Hyperion and SAP to allow extraction of data and reconciliation
  • At least four years of experience in processing payroll, two of which must be in a tax/clerical accounting position.

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Senior Payroll Operations Analyst Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Payroll Operations Analyst job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Payroll Operations Analysts organize activities and process operations related to payroll. Image source:

Senior Payroll Operations Analyst Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

The job description for the individual occupying the position of payroll operations analyst usually entails organizing activities and processing operations affiliated with payroll.

The senior payroll operations analyst therefore must have sufficient knowledge of payroll to be able to train the less experienced members of the team.

He/she will offer guidance on process area methods, and will assemble, verify and handle data input and other transactions.

His/her role will also involve working on a full range of payroll activities precisely in the aspect of heading the timely and accurate processing of all payroll affiliated operations in relation to local, state and federal regulations, as well as internal and finance guidelines for the company and for the payroll team.

The individual will work together and ensure effective communication with counterparts and other units to ensure that company prospects are fulfilled.

He/she will be responsible for performing analysis of data and harmonization, as well as providing assistance and carrying out time capture duties for payroll in a team leadership position.

He/she will carry out in-depth investigation and analysis to determine the root cause of each problem in order to earmark gaps in already existing solutions and support the development of fresh measures.

This professional will assist team members in finding solution to intricate matters.

The senior payroll operations analyst position will also entail capturing structured data in sequential work order for each matter so as to offer statistical analysis and audit trails.

He/she will also work on supplementary analysis and specialized projects associated with payroll. And will look for opportunities to minimize volume and enhance precision of team members.

This will involve offering support and assistance on escalated matters and supervise resolution by executing modifications.

Sample Job Description, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities for the Senior Payroll Operations Analyst Position

Below is a sample job description most employers would usually hand to their senior payroll operations analysts to execute.

  • Input transactions into the service request management device
  • Reacquire, evaluate and index forwarded forms and documents
  • Offer acceptable customer service by analyzing, retrieving, resolving and researching matters
  • Connect with teams to record, resolve and research on compromising errors and issues
  • Work on cyclical processing and end-of-the period activities
  • Enhance and update transaction procedures and materials used in training as necessary
  • Manage the organization’s vision in looking into how responsibilities can be worked into strategies
  • Organize suitable level of functional, technical, process as well as training
  • Offer mentorship, support and training for other members of the team as necessary.

In writing a resume for the post, the duties, tasks and responsibilities contained in the above job description example, can serve as a good source of information in preparing the professional experience section of the resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the position of a Senior Payroll Operations Analyst

The following skills, education and dexterity will empower a senior payroll operations analyst in discharging his/her duties effectively.

Most employers and hiring managers would usually consider these qualities in picking someone for the position.

  • Must be thoroughly knowledgeable about administration of payroll processes
  • Must possess the ability to prepare requests in agreement with conventional supervision and function with, instruct and train other members of the team
  • Advanced understanding of utilizing payroll database software
  • A first or associate degree with affiliated experience in Business or related courses
  • Outstanding ability to comprehend the organization’s finance procedures and policies
  • Commendable familiarity with performance objectives and display mastery in meeting earmarked targets.

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Senior Payroll Coordinator Job Description Sample

Senior Payroll Coordinator job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Senior Payroll Coordinators are responsible for ensuring effective payroll processing. Image source:

Senior Payroll Coordinator Job Description Sample

A senior payroll coordinator is charged with the responsibility of ensuring payroll processing, and making sure there is confidentiality and honesty of data affiliated with payroll.

This person’s job description will entail reporting to the payroll manager and functioning in unison with retail stores and other units inside the company to guarantee prompt and accurate delivery of payroll as at the time of payment, by making use of ultimate software with outsource or in-house models.

The role of this position is to process payroll for the organization’s corporate entity.

The senior payroll coordinator must possess outstanding customer relations, communication skills, analytical dexterity, a solid ethic about duties, as well as being committed to team and organization’s objectives.

He/she is expected to organize efficient processing and evaluation of payroll data, comprising differentials, terminations, rate changes, payroll deductions, adjustments and several other related payroll operations to ensure accurate completion according to organization policy, as well as local, state and federal policy.

Other duties senior payroll coordinators perform include initiating, analyzing and forwarding diverse payroll affiliated information.

They also carry out audits to verify internal payroll control system to guarantee accuracy of data.

They are equally to confirm that all information is accurate, and to forward any associated issue or matters to the relevant authorities.

Sample Job Description, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities for a Senior Payroll Coordinator

The sample job description for the post of the senior payroll coordinator below shows a list of important tasks, duties, and responsibilities the holder of the position is usually mandated to perform in most establishments.

This job description example can also be useful in sourcing information for writing a resume for the post.

  • Work on payroll for manifold multi-state retail partners, comprising commissioned sales force
  • Input and process data from time sheets into a digital payroll system so as to estimate and prepare biweekly payroll
  • Evaluate and audit new hires, deductions, net wages, paid time off, etc.
  • Analyze and review staff information to guarantee the right application of local, state and federal rules in all the states where operations are carried out
  • Work out deductions, child support and all paperwork
  • Ensure completion of payroll tasks, as well as other government reports as necessary
  • Initiate diverse reports compromising detailed ad hoc reporting as required by diverse business units
  • Work as subject matter professional on issues affiliated with payroll
  • Offer assistance to payroll manager with regards to quarterly and annual process
  • Give response and solve matters concerning manager and associate payroll
  • Handle, organize and evaluate payroll every week or twice in a week with the use of standard procedures and processing
  • Evaluate and find solution to issues emanating from interfaces to payroll process
  • Work on balance sheet schedules affiliated with payroll and accomplish research on items which require reconciliation
  • Work on adjusting accrual entries on a weekly and biweekly basis.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the position of Senior Payroll Coordinator

The following skills, knowledge and aptitude will be useful for the senior payroll coordinator in enabling him/her perform designated duties with ease.

Most employers usually look for these attributes in prospective applicants when hiring.

  • A college degree is necessary with minimum of 2-5 years experience in payroll processing
  • Strong preference for possession of FPC (Fundamental Payroll Certification) or Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)
  • Practicable familiarity with utilization of ultimate software (UltiPro) or similar Internet based payroll system
  • Commendable customer service dexterity and outstanding skills in Excel
  • Solid ability to concentrate on details and organize work for extra hours as required
  • Display of professional appearance and disposition.

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