Mine General Manager Job Description




Job Summary:

The Mine General Manager, reporting to the VP of Coal Operations and Engineering, will be responsible for developing and achieving the objectives of the company producing a quality product at the lowest cost while maintaining the highest possible safety standards.

He/She will act in the best interest of owner while working alongside the mine’s operator.

Job Description:

The Mine General Manager will perform all or some of the following Job description:

  • The Mine General Manager will ensure the continued availability of quality coal as needed to meet the production needs of the Power Plant by establishing and maintaining mine goals, objectives and deliverables

  • Create a vision of success through the organization and help improve efficiency in all departments

  • Provide leadership and develop human capital including; Maintenance, Engineering, Geology, Environment, Safety, HR and Community Relations

  • The Mine General Manager will assist departments in the development and implementation of operating systems, tools, metrics, methodologies, planning procedure and processes for planning and tracking the progress of mine production (ie: KPIs, tons mined, tons mined by labor, tons produced and monitor the cost per ton)

  • He/She will develop and implement a mine plan and budget with clear plan and line functions for operation improvement targets

  • Direct and manage the activities of the mine operation with overall responsibility and accountability for short term planning, implementation and maintenance of cost controls, communications, productivity and quality

  • The Mine General Manager will provide Monthly Reports of the Operation including environmental, safety, production and cost information

  • Provide professional and effective supervision for mine technical, operational issues

  • Ensure mine safety and health

  • Establish a performance benchmarks in all departments and direct staff development programs, planning, human resources and all departments, including training and development programs for mine supervision, maintenance and engineering

  • The Mine General Manager will be accountable for the effective implementation and coordination of corporate programs

  • Sponsor and facilitate change through recognizing, initiating, and supporting and leading change management at the mine.    

Minimum Requirements / Knowledge / Skill For Mine General Manager Job

  • The Mine General Manager should have specific knowledge of surface mining business and operational practices
  • He/She should demonstrate change management skills and abilities
  • Possess knowledge/ experience in budgeting, fiscal performance and productivity improvement
  • Possess strong critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • The Mine General Manager should demonstrate skills in management and leadership
  • He/She should possess effective verbal and written communications skills
  • He/She should possess 15+ years of related experience in engineering and/ or mine operations
  • He/She should demonstrate record of delivering on established performance objectives.  

Minimum Education Requirements / Certification / Licensure For Mine General Manager Job

  • Bachelors’ degree in engineering, geology or mine operations.



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