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Job Summary:

The Surgery Scheduler will be responsible for coordinating and scheduling appointments for surgeries and follow-up appointments for multiple physicians at the clinic or hospital (s). He/She will perform pre-operative and post-operative data entry, chart assembly, and provide patients with necessary information.

The Surgery Scheduler will assist in the efficient management of the daily surgery schedule, including inter- and intra-departmental communication intended to facilitate the flow of surgical patients.

Job Description:

The Surgery Scheduler will perform all or some of the following Job description:

  • Coordinate and schedule appointments for surgeries and follow-up appointments and any other tests as ordered by the surgeon

  • Schedule surgery at correct location with correct surgeon(s)

  • Coordinate arrangements for surgical assistants, special equipment and surgical materials

  • Organize the next day's schedule and ensure that there are no physician or equipment conflicts

  • Provide patient with generic preoperative and postoperative information.

  • Function as liaison between surgeon, OR scheduler/system, and patient

  • Act as primary contact for surgical patients and responds to telephone inquiries

  • Use the telephone to send or receive communication related to the surgery schedule, pass messages to surgeons or other personnel, and request x-rays or x-ray technicians

  • The Surgery Scheduler will complete paperwork; enter data into the computer

  • He/She will maintain a record of physicians' vacations or out-of-the-operating-room schedules

  • Crosscheck paperwork for the quality of data entered, presented and turned out

  • Send for surgery patients to ensure the patients are on time for surgery and available in the induction room

  • Prepare the surgical chart with all necessary paperwork; ensure all surgery related work is completed and delivered to the appropriate areas by the designated time

  • Organize physician order sheets daily according to the schedule

  • Assemble department additions to the chart

  • The Surgery Scheduler will submit necessary information and documentation for insurance authorization and obtain authorization for surgery from patient's insurance company

  • He/She will coordinate with providers outside of the VM system.           

Minimum Requirements / Knowledge / Skill For Surgery Scheduler Job

  • 3 years experience in a medical office environment with knowledge of medical surgical terminology
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to use a computer
  • Strong organizational skills
  • The Surgery Scheduler should have the ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to participate as a member of a team; and reliability and punctuality
  • He/She should possess excellent customer service and public relations skills
  • Experience with IBM/Cerner/IDX applications preferred
  • The Surgery Scheduler may also require experience/certification in department specialty.


Minimum Education Requirements / Certification / Licensure For Surgery Scheduler Job

  • High School Diploma.  

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