Server Assistants or Assistant servers are people who help hosts and servers in restaurants and are an integral part of the staff.

Many servers start by working as Server Assistants. Their major tasks are to remove the dirty glassware, silverware and plates.

Everything else left on the table by the guests have must also be removed.

After doing this, they will have to rearrange the table in conformity with the in-house standards of the restaurant, by setting up plates, glasses or any new utensils that have been left there before the table was used.

After removing the dirty glassware, silverware and plates from the tables, they will have to then bring them to the dish cleaning area. If spills occur, it becomes the duty of the assistant servers to do the clean-up.

Server Assistants also have to make sure that the chairs around the table and the floor are clean.

Over time employers have added some duties for assistant servers. In this case, they may also have to restock the service stands, empty the trash, bring the linen out and also refill the beverage station, for coffee and tea.

Other task that they are required of includes bringing the ice to the bar or folding the napkins. They may also help in the bar area by polishing the clean glassware and arranging it.

The requirements obviously depend on the management of the establishment or employer.

You should be familiar with general restaurant information in case the guests ask for anything which is not related to the food or menu, like for instance a new knife, is part of your duties.

Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities:

Here are some duties, tasks, and responsibilities a server assistant may be required to perform:

  • Greets all guests immediately they come in and when going
  • Than the guests and invite them to return
  • Seats guests appropriately and presents them with the menu.
  • Arrange guest seats in rotation among servers in order to ensure that they are given an equal number of tables
  • Update the floor chart consecutively throughout the shift
  • Collect menu and return them to the Host Area when appropriate
  • Clean menus as required throughout the shift
  • Observes tables and take note of dirty, clean and occupied tables
  • Answers phone about questions regarding menu items
  • Throughout the shift, ensure that the front door area is both maintained and clean, both inside and out. This also includes making sure the brass and windows are free of fingerprint and smudge
  • Keeps the Host Area stocked with take-away menus, toothpicks, business cards and any other necessary items
  • Assists the Servers by refilling beverages and waters, processing payment and running food to the tables
  • Assists Servers in resetting and bussing tables
  • Perform restroom checks several times during the shift by using the restroom check pads
  • Inform Management immediately of Guests who are unhappy with the service
  • Maintain composed, professional and calm attitude at all times
  • Complete all side-work as directed
  • Assists in an entire team effort
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements / Knowledge / Skill


  • Must possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Must possess be able to communicate with individuals from different backgrounds.
  • Must possess organizational skills
  • Must possess the ability to adapt in a changing environment.